The Mural COmmission Process

  1. Initial Conversation

    Please use the contact form to make your initial request. I will send you a questionnaire to gather some general information about your project. Photos of your wall or architectural renderings will be a tremendous help in the planning process. If you’d like to schedule a call you can include your phone number and availability in your initial message.

  2. Work Estimate

    Once I have gathered all the necessary information, I will provide you with a written work estimate. If you’d like to know how I create price quotes CLICK HERE.

  3. Signed Agreement & Design Deposit

    I will include a contract with my work estimate. If you choose to move forward, a design deposit will be due upon signing our agreement. The design deposit covers all rough drafts, color renderings, and mock ups. Design deposits typically range between $500-$1000 and are based on the level of intricacy and detail you have requested. Once payment has been made and the contract has been signed, I will begin to work on your design and we can schedule painting days.

  4. Design Process

    After reviewing your answers to my questionnaire, I will give you a call to share my initial ideas and suggestions. After a brainstorming session, we will collaborate to decide on a general direction for the project. I will then create at least two designs. THese designs may be created with ink, pencil, watercolor, acrylics, or digitally (depends on the style of the design).

    Once you have reviewed my initial designs, I will either make changes or create a brand new design that is more aligned with your goal. My designs are intended to serve as a blueprint for our project as opposed to an exact depiction. At times, I make minor adjustments to color, size, and composition in order to fit your home, business, or establishment. My greatest ideas often come to me as I am creating the art, but I will always confer with you before making any substantial changes.

  5. Mural deposit

    The mural deposit will range between 30% - 50% of the total commission fee and is due two weeks before painting begins. This gives me time to order supplies, color prep, and schedule assistant(s) if necessary

  6. Painting

    I work for 6-8 hours per day and am very flexible with painting times. I will give you a general time estimate once the design is complete, however experience has shown me that good art is never rushed. I will notify you when I am within 3 days of completion and we can begin to identify any elements of the mural that may need some fine tuning as I near completion.

  7. Final Payment

    The remaining balance is due on the completion date.